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Human rights in India

Human rights in India

Human rights in India

Human rights are the rights that every person on this earth has acquired
only because of being a human being. These rights are university and
protected by global laws. The idea of ?? human rights and freedom have
existed for centuries. However, these have changed with the change of time.
Human rights in India
Human rights in India

Universal human right(human rights in India):

Human rights in India, Human rights in India

Human rights include the basic rights which are given to every human being,
irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, sex, or nationality.
The detailed description of universal human rights is as follows:

human rights in India:

Right to life, freedom and personal security
Right to equality
Right to defend by a competent tribunal
Right to recognition as a person before the law
Freedom from discrimination
Freedom from slavery
Freedom from tyranny
Freedom from arbitrary arrest and deportation
Right to be considered innocent until proven guilty
Right to a fair public hearing
Freedom of movement

Human rights of India:

Freedom from interference in privacy, family, home, and correspondence
Right to asylum in other countries
Right to freedom to change nationality
Marriage and Family Rights
Right to Education
Right to own property
The right to form a peaceful gathering and association
Right to take part  in government and in free elections
Freedom of faith and religion
Right to live
Right to take part  in the cultural life of the society
Social security right
Desirable work and right to join trade unions
Right to leisure and rest
liberty from state or personal interference in the above rights
Human rights violations:

Although human rights are protected by various laws, they are still
violated by people, groups, and sometimes by the government.
For example, freedom of torture is often violated by the police
during interrogations. Similarly, freedom from slavery is called
basic human right but slavery and slavery is still illegal. Several
institutions have been created to monitor human rights abuses.
Governments and some non-governmental organizations also
investigate these.

The conclusion(human rights in India):

Everyone has the ethical to enjoy basic human rights in India.
Some of these rights are sometimes misused by the government.
The government is taking measures to monitor human rights abuses
with the help of some non-governmental organizations.

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