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Essay on Human Rights(human rights)

Essay on Human Rights(human rights)

Essay on Human Rights

human rights in India
Essay on Human Rights(human rights)

Human rights
are basically the rights that every person gets by being a
human being. Human rights are universal so they apply everywhere and
all the time. rights are a set of norms that delineate certain standards
of human behavior. Protected as legal rights in municipal as well as
international law, these rights are known as informal fundamental rights
that a person is entitled to simply because he is a human being.

human rights in India:

human rights are standards that articulate standards of human behavior.
As a human being, these are the fundamental rights which everyone is
naturally entitled to. These rights are protected by law.

Fundamental human right

Some basic rights have been specially protected here. This should be
achieved by every person in the country, some such basic rights are
discussed below.

right to life
Everyone has the birthright to live their own free life. Every human has
the right not to be killed by any other person.

Right to a fair trial
Everyone has the right to a fair trial by an impartial court. This includes
the right to hear, public hearing and the management of lawyers, etc.
within a reasonable time.

Freedom of thought, conscience, and religion
Everyone has freedom of thought and discretion, he is also free to
choose his religion and is free to change it at any time.

Freedom from slavery
There is a legal ban on slavery and slavery. However, it is still being
followed illegally in some parts of the world.

Freedom from tyranny
Torture is banned under international law. Every person is free from

Other universal human rights include freedom and personal protection,
freedom of speech, competent tribunal, freedom from discrimination,
right to nationality and freedom to change it, marriage and family rights,
freedom of movement, property rights, education rights, peaceful
Legislative and Union rights, privacy, freedom of interference from family,
home and correspondence, right to participate in elections in government
and independently, right to opinion and information, right to adequate
living standards, right to social security, and social order.
The authority that expresses this document, etc.

However, many of these rights protected by law are violated by the people,
even by the governments. However several organizations have been created
to monitor human rights violations.
These organizations take steps to protect these rights.

It is often seen that people who have the responsibility of protecting
human rights, abuse their power, and start violating the human rights
of people. Therefore, it should be ensured that all the people of the
country get their human rights.

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