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Cause and Solution of Pollution

Cause and Solution of Pollution

Cause and Solution of Pollution

Cause and Solution of Pollution

 The relationship between nature and humans has been going on since the beginning. Mankind is a part of the complex and coordinated ecological chain that encompasses the air, earth, water, and various forms of vegetation and animal life. When the cleanliness and balance of nature are disturbed as a result of human developmental activities, it results in 'pollution'. Today, the whole world is beset by the pollution because of the increasing pressure of population, the progress of modern industrialization, and due to its flora. And the day-to-day reduction in the number of animals and species has led to the imbalance of the ecological system. As a result of the glare of success, along with the development of environmental awareness and the increase of civilization, human dominance over nature has increased, which today has become fatal to human life by polluting the air, water, land, etc., the mainstay of the environment. Cause and Solution of Pollution

The environment and human life have a very deep connection. In fact, both are connected to each other every moment, every moment as a result of daily living and breathing. When the man was uncivilized, he used to perform biological functions according to nature and had natural balance. But the development of civilization has made humans luxuriant. Human demon nature has trampled natural wealth in the name of development.

The world's attention to this serious problem first came to light when the first United Nations Universal Environment Conference was held on 5-10 June 1972 at the Stock Home, the capital of Sweden, and the United Nations Environment Program was duly established and on 5 June every year. It was decided to celebrate 'Environment Day'. After that, as a result of many studies and experiences, the environmental question became connected to the mainstream of the most worrying subjects of the developed and developing countries of the world. India's seriousness and awareness in this direction are revealed by the comprehensive proposal of the 'Earth Conservation Fund' which is placed at the Belgrade Non-Aligned Summit and the Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Conference, where it received widespread support.

Cause and Solution of Pollution
The attention of the world is increasingly focused on topics such as the depletion of the ozone layer, rapid rain, water, air, land changes. The importance of international cooperation regarding policy and action in these areas cannot be denied. But this should not divert attention from the particular worrisome environmental problems such as the wastelands of many developing countries growing deserts and the destruction of forests. Unplanned urbanization is another major problem for mankind which is taking serious form in developing countries and its future. There is a possibility of getting more serious.
Nature has developed a system over billions of years that maintains a wide variety of species, keeping a delicate and proper balance. These species of flora and fauna are various sources of wealth.

The wealth of any nation is based on its land, water, and forest. From this point of view, Himalayas have special importance in India. Many species of fauna and flora are found in the dense forests here. The Himalayas are the origin and catchment area of ​​major rivers of the country like Ganges and Yamuna. The Himalayas have not only been iconic in our country for centuries as a symbol of India's pride, culture, civilization, and the antiquity of creation but have been playing an important role in physically controlling the climate of the country.

With the increase in population, an increase in arable land, deforestation for construction of buildings, furniture, fuel, animal husbandry, fodder, bridges, and boats are going on at a rapid pace. Initially, where there were forests on 70 percent of the earth's land, today 16 percent of the land is forest. In this way, due to the continuous forest destruction in the last few decades, not only the amount of rainfall, groundwater level and sources has decreased, but also due to an increase in floods, droughts, landslides, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. Cause and Solution of Pollution
Undoubtedly, water resources projects are not only needed for irrigation but also many important benefits such as hydropower generation, flood control, assured water supply to promote water supply, shipping, and tourism for the rural-urban and industrial sector consumers. Occur. It is often claimed that the water-filled in a large reservoir increases the chance of an earthquake and the epicenter of the earthquake is at or near the edge of the reservoir. But there is no definite proof of its correctness. Before making any definite conclusions in this regard, it is necessary to collect as many data as possible and analyze them deeply.
Cause and Solution of Pollution
The wind system is a protective cover of the earth. This softens the intense light and heat of the sun. It is found 78 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen, 0.3 percent carbon dioxide and remaining inert gas up to a distance of 50 km from the earth. The balance of suitable gases in the atmosphere is maintained by the carbon and nitrogen cycles. We know, oxygen is very important for life. The amount of oxygen in the atmosphere is kept constant by the action of photosynthesis of plants. The gases found in the atmosphere are in a certain amount and proportion. When unwanted elements enter the air, its fundamental equilibrium binges. The process of contamination of air, thus, is called "air pollution".
Many physical diseases such as headaches, high blood pressure, nausea, ear pain, skin irritation, loss of memory, etc. and mental pressure, frustration, irritability, jitter, etc. also arise due to noise pollution. Apart from this, noise pollution is considered to be a major cause of tomorrow's factories and road accidents. Different types of toxic carbon particles, smoke, and mineral elements particles in the day-to-day automated machines like cars, scooters, trains, jet- Aircraft, airplanes, factory chimneys, wood, coal, and oil, etc. are released from burning. According to an estimate by scientists, the combustion of one gallon of petrol from any automatic machines emits 3 lb. carbon mono oxide and 14 lb. nitrogen oxide gas, which can pollute 5 lakh to 2 million cubic feet of air. Due to which many types of side effects are born, such as asphyxia, headaches, pneumonia, tuberculosis, blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer, etc. Apart from diseases, eyes and respiratory tract also get irritation. Cause and Solution of Pollution

The carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitric oxide which are being gathered in the atmosphere in an unnecessary amount react with the gases in the water at the time of rain, converting them into carbonic acid, sulfuric acid, and nitric acid to convert the rainwater into acid. , Which leads to acid rain, which is very harmful to human life. The acid rain causes severe damage to the water, crops, plants, and soil of the lakes, which adversely affects the fertility of the fish and fertility of the soil. Cause and Solution of Pollution

As a result of the imbalance of gases in the atmosphere, the earth is constantly getting warmer due to the aggregation of sun rays on the earth. This is called the greenhouse effect. When the amount of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere is high, it will cover around the earth and form a protected circle. Due to which the sunlight comes to the earth but prevents the rays from the earth from going back into space. Due to this, the temperature of the atmosphere increases. According to an estimate by scientists, the average temperature of the Earth has increased by 1 degree Celsius in the last 50 years. Now, if the temperature rises further to 3.6 ° C, the huge icebergs of the Arctic and Antarctic will melt. As a result, the sea level will increase from 10 inches to 5 feet. In such a situation, coastal cities like Bombay, Calcutta, Madras, Panaji, Visakhapatnam, Cochin, and Trivandrum will cease to exist. The very existence of the world has been endangered by this natural imbalance. Cause and Solution of Pollution
The ozone layer in the atmosphere absorbs most of the highly harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. In this way, it protects public life from destruction. These harmful rays come on the planet, causing skin cancer in our body, causing cataracts in the eyes and increases blindness. Not only this, but it also has adverse effects on water-animal crops, etc. Gases like chlorofluorocarbon, nitric oxide, chlorine oxide, etc. are destroying the ozone layer. Currently, the ozone layer over not only the Arctic but Antarctica is pierced. If the use of these chemicals is not stopped, the ozone layer will be damaged by about 10 percent in the next 70 years. And humans will have to suffer the ill effects of ultraviolet rays. Cause and Solution of Pollution

Toxic gases have an effect on life. At the same time, historical buildings have not fallen short. In the Taj Mahal and Mathura temples, there is also an example of 'stone cancer' side effects from oil refineries. The Red Fort of Delhi and the Fort of Agra are also losing their sheen with the smoke of the railway. Udaipur, the city of lakes, famous for its natural beauty and pleasant environment, is also now in the grip of pollution.

70 percent of water is available on the entire area of ​​the world surface, yet humans and animals die of thirst. Plants dry up due to excessive mineral salts, organics, and inorganic materials being immersed in acid plants from water, these substances pollute the water. Rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Gomti, etc. have been hit by pollution in India today. As a result of rapid industrial and urbanization development, the problem of water pollution is getting serious day by day. Because the dirty residual materials of industrial factories go into the rivers, the amount of oxygen in the water decreases, and the quantity of sulfate, nitrate, and chloride, etc. increases. This affects the life of aquatic animals and flora.

Noise pollution, like polluted air, water, and land, is harmful to humans. The unit for measuring the intensity of sound is a decibel. A normal microphone converts sound into electrical power. Sound measuring instruments have been made on this basis. Those displaying readings in decibels. There is a certain limit to the smoothness of sound in human ears. When the sound exceeds this limit, the human body starts to suffer adverse effects, then it is called noise pollution or noise. Noise is the sound that impedes a person's normal level of hearing. The decibel measurement starts from zero. A zero decibel is a sound that cannot be received by the ears. Generally speaking, the sound from 25 to 65 decibels is quiet, the sound from 66 to 75 decibels is called normal noise and the sound above 75 decibels is called excessive noise. The World Health Organization has described the sound of up to 45 decibels as Karna dear and the safest for human health, but generally, more than 65 decibels is considered as noise pollution.

Many physical diseases such as headaches, high blood pressure, nausea, ear pain, skin irritation, loss of memory, etc. and mental pressure, frustration, irritability, jitter, etc. also arise due to noise pollution. Apart from this, noise pollution is considered to be a major cause of tomorrow's factories and road accidents. It has been proved by the tests conducted by scientists that the sound of more than 120 decibels hurts the health of the pregnant woman, her fetus, sick persons, and children below ten years of age.

Pollution has become an international problem. It is not possible for any one country to be protected from the dangers of pollution. This work requires the participation of all nations. In the name of the national religion, caste and language, pollution cannot be stopped separately. Today every human should realize that we are all naturally citizens of indivisible earth that do not discriminate against its citizens on any level. Today there is a need to give tangible form to the nectar utterances like "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam".Cause and Solution of Pollution

The meaning of environmental protection should be understood as development and all rural and urban people should actively participate in this work. Realizing the importance of forests in Indian culture, their conservation has been given due recognition. It is considered a sin to cut green trees here. There is a need to rekindle this feeling in people today. Apart from this, pollution can be controlled to a great extent by the following measures.

Measures: Cause and Solution of Pollution

1. The public should be made aware of the dangers posed by pollution so that every person should make every effort to minimize pollution at his level honestly.

2. Pollution can be reduced by taking appropriate plantations on a wide scale. For this, the government should make arrangements for some land where people can plant at least one tree in their own name, for memorial and health.

3. Pollution can be reduced to a great extent by controlling population growth.

4. To avoid pollution, it is necessary that at the time of preparation of any project, considering the environmental issues, they should be included in the project.

5. To control pollution, it can be done by managing natural resources, garbage, and waste, and by stopping the circulation of toxic chemicals in a planned manner.

“Progress and nature are complementary rather than rival to each other. But in the name of progress, nature cannot be disregarded. Therefore, harmony between the two is necessary. On the ill effects of forest destruction, scholar writer Robert Chambers writes that "when forests are destroyed, water is destroyed, fish and prey are destroyed, fertility takes off and then these old phantoms begin to appear one after the other Flood, drought, fire, famine, and pestilence ”.Cause and Solution of Pollution
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Cause and Solution of Pollution, Cause and Solution of Pollution
Cause and Solution of Pollution

              Cause and Solution of Pollution

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