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Happy Mother's Day 2020: Wishes, messages, quotes, WhatsApp and Facebook status to share with your mother 2020

Happy Mother's  Day 2020: Wishes,
messages, quotes, WhatsApp and
Facebook status to share with
your mother 2020
Spending time with mom it's a special day 10 May
happy mother's day quotes, happy mothers day status,

   A mother’s love o so sweet
  They make all the sweet birds tweet
   I love my mother o so much
   Send Mothers Day PoemsI also see her during lunch
   but all I really want to say is….
   Happy Happy Mother’s Day!

2. You’re my best friend in the good times
and my rock in times of sorrow.
    You’re the reason for sweet yesterdays
    and my promise for tomorrow

3  My Mom
   A halo that reflects a life of
   wisdom, kindness, and caring.
   Eyes that sparkle with pride
    and show how much she believes in you.
    Shoulders that have been slept on
    and wept on and
    carried a world or two.
    Arms that never run out of hugs.
    Hands that know
    just when to hold on
   and when to let go.
   A mind filled with amazing things,
   from fairy tales to family tails
   and long-ago stories of you.
   A smile that can jump right into your heart
   and warm you faster than hot chocolate.
   A heart of gold
   that holds more love
   than you can possibly imagine.
4. My mom A Wish for you
    Just one little wish for you, Mom,
    But it’s loving and happy and true-
    It’s a wish that the nicest and best things
    I will always keep coming to you!

5.   Here’s wishing you a Mother’s Day
      That’s filled with every pleasure,
      And a future that’s as happy
      As the memories you treasure!.

6. Wishing You a Wonderful Day
    Sending this, Mom,
    Especially to say
    Wishing you a happy
    And a wonderful day…
    And to tell you this day
    Will always be one
    For remembering the many
    Sweet things you have done!..

   Your arms were always open when I needed a hug.
  Your heart understood when I needed a friend.
  Your gentle eyes were stern when I needed a lesson.
   Your strength and love has guided me and gave me wings to fly

  You filled my days with rainbow lights,
  Fairytales and sweet dream nights,
  A kiss to wipe away my tears,
  Gingerbread to ease my fears.
  You gave the gift of life to me
  And then in love, you set me free.
   I thank you for your tender care,
  For deep warm hugs and being there.
  I hope that when you think of me
  A part of you
  You’ll always see
9. Mommy, I love you
    Mommy, I love you
     For all that you do.
  I’ll kiss you and hug you
   ‘Cause you love me, too.
   You feed me and need me
   To teach you to play,
 So smile ’cause I love you
  On Mother’s Day.

10. Special quotes
   To Mother

You painted no Madonnas
On temple  walls in India,
But with a touch diviner
You lived in one of your homes.

You wrote no lofty poems
Those critics counted art,
But with a nobler vision
You lived them in your heart.

You carved no shapeless marble
To some high-souled design,
But with a finer sculpture
You shaped this soul of mine.

You built no great cathedrals
That centuries applaud,
But with a grace exquisite
Your life Cathedrale God.

Had I the gift of Raphael,
Or Michelangelo,
Oh, what a rare Madonna
My mother’s life would show!
There are times when only a mother’s love
Can understand our tears,
Can soothe our disappoints
And calm all of our fears.

There are times when only a mother’s love
Can share the joy we feel
When something we’ve dreamed about
Quite suddenly it is real.

There are times when only a mother’s faith
Can help us on life’s way
And inspire in us the confidence
We need it from day to day.



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